RedEdge API

MicaSense RedEdge camera API documentation and example code.

Welcome to the RedEdge API page

The RedEdge camera is designed for quick and easy integration into just about any platform. However, for more control, you can talk to the RedEdge by serial port, Ethernet, or WiFi.

API documentation indicates what camera firmware versions it is compatible with. We'll always do our best to not break anything with new releases, but sometimes new features may be released that were not present in older software versions, so it is always best to check your firmware version and note the relevant sections. Of course, you can always upgrade your camera to the latest firmware! Log on to MicaSense Atlas or contact us for the latest.

Don't know what version you have? Connect to the camera WiFi, and you can read the version from the bottom of the 'config' page.

About the APIs

Using the RedEdge APIs with Altum

RedEdge and Altum have different versioning numbers. The version numbers provided in these documents are only applicable to RedEdge versions. However, the table below shows which RedEdge API versions are compatible with which Altum versions.

Altum Versions Compatible RedEdge API Version
v1.0.0-v1.2.x v4.1.0
v1.3.0-v1.3.x v5.0.0
v1.4.0 v5.2.0
v2.0.0 v7.1.0


The HTTP API is the most powerful way to interface to the RedEdge. You can use this API using either the Ethernet connector or the WiFi access point.

Full HTTP API Documentation

Serial API

The Serial API provides a MAVLink interface to the RedEdge. You can use this API by connecting your MAVLink-capable system to the host serial port on the camera.

Full Serial API Documentation

Example Code
An example python program that can be used to verify communication with the RedEdge. A typical use of the script is:
python --device /dev/ttyUSB0 --baud 57600
An example python program that can be used to get the camera's GPS location and command a capture. A typical usage of the script is:
An example python program which can be used to store captures from the RedEdge camera to an external storage device using a Raspberry Pi. A typical usage of the script is:
sudo python
And example python script which takes in an RTKlib output postion file and creates a Pix4D compatible LLH file. A typical usage of this script is:
python create_image_location_file --input_path raw_flight_date_events.pos --output_path image_location.csv