MicaSense Image Processing Tutorials

This repository includes tutorials and examples for processing MicaSense RedEdge and MicaSense Altum images into usable information using the python programming language. The intended audience is researchers and engineers with some software development experience that want to do their own image processing. While a number of commercial tools fully support processing RedEdge data into reflectance maps, there are a number of reasons to process your own data, including controlling the entire radiometric workflow (for academic or publication reasons), pre-processing images to be used in a non-radiometric photogrammetry suite, or processing single sets of 5 images without building a larger map.

To get started, browse the examples below, and then head over to the git repository to check out the code.

Tutorial Articles


The setup tutorial will get you setup with the right tools to run these notebooks yourself.


micasense Library Usage

Advanced Analysis

10-Band (Dual Camera) Examples

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